American Pit Bull Terrier (UKC)


No longer a rare breed.



The original PIT BULL was a back yard bred mutt, that was mainly bred by low income families of mexican decent and the 'choloes' from around where I lived in the Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara areas.

   These dogs were used in gangs and for those who needed to look 'bad' and to maybe protect themselves?  They were also used to FIGHT.  The fighting was done by the kids with their dogs from the barrio's or neighborhoods. Any dog would do and those that proved themselves worthy would be bred.

   Breeding these 'fighting' dogs proved profitable and drug dealers or gangs could use these dogs to prevent other humans from coming to their turf.

   What I say is true!   They know it, and I know it and i just happen to be a person who doesnt beat around the bush or lie about it. Can I prove this?  Nope, just know that I was there and I know this to be true. If you were also there and you saw these things and you wish to tell the TRUTH or have photos that can substantiat your truth, please send them to me at:  schwarzkennels@aol.com     (I will not put your names in public.)


Any ways, a lot of these kids would come to me with questions about breeding and to show off their dogs and pups to me or, to try and sell the pups.


    The first time I began to really notice these dogs was in the 1970's-1980's and back then they looked kind of terrier like. As the time went by these dogs started getting larger and a fad was out about how large or girthy the dogs could get. The more girthy the stronger and weight pulling bragging contests were done in local back yards and on street corners. Of course the fighting decided which dogs were the best.


    The PIT BULL was not a breed but a mix of breeds and the name was funny, mean, harsh and cool... so the kids liked such a name tagged on their dogs. They would brag to anyone who would listen that their dogs were fighting dogs and many would bring these pit bulls around other dogs just to see if their dog would attack the other dogs.  I had to have a talk with several young pit bull walkers.. (hehe)


   I remember when the groups were forming, clubs...  I remember when the clubs got to gether and asked AKC how they could get this rare breed to be recognized.


Well, just like any and all other NEW breeds, those folks that wanted recognition needed to come up with a long HISTORY of where these dogs came from. AAAHHHAAA,  here is where the Bull SHit comes in.  Not just with this breed but with sooooo many breeds.  They do some research and they talk with each other and they decide that this is not a new breed, this is a very OLD BREED, why, look at some photos and then BELIEVE it to be true and whalla, it is true !!!   This happened with the Malamute and the Siberian also and so many other breeds. Heck what does AKC care as long as they get to pull in some more money from registrations !


So after the club members came up with this cocomani b.s about this breed being a truely rare American Breed that came from the pits in England, then they could move forward... and choose a name. 

   The discussions went on with AKC and the dog breeders/owners and AKC refused to allow the breed to use the term PIT BULL in the name of the dog to be recognized.

   The club members/owners/breeders were truely upset and did NOT want to change the name, so the split came here...


Some of the members/owners/breeders then got together and went to the UKC.  Now the UKC is also in business to register dogs :>)   so what do you think they would do?  you guessed it, they allowed this group of folks to use the name American Pit Bull Terrier. This made that group happy and they began using that registry to register their dogs.

   What did AKC do?  Well those folks offered the name American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, thus keeping the name 'BULL' in the title to make those folks happy.

   So what is the differance between the American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Bull Terrier?  not much yet, but as the generations pass, there will be a genetic evolution and the appearance of the two will become independent of each other.



    The folks who were breeding these 'Pit Bulls' were mostly back-yard breeders who would bred anything that resembled a boxer or bulldog together, even plan ol' mutts that would deliever a bunch of puppies as the breeders would be able to generate more income.

   I saw this breed being created and I knew the kids who were breeding them.

   As time went by i saw better looking dogs emurge. Some of the folks that talked with me about their dogs began to realize the need for a club or a get-together of owners and social gatherings to show off their dogs. They had started showing off the dogs in empty lots or other breeders backyards.



Once again let me reiterate:


   AKC ordered the group of owners who got to gether to try and get AKC recognition, to change the name and that is when those who did not wish to change the name 'Pit Bull' to the 'American Staffordshire Terrier'  so these splinter groups broke off from the main club and refused to register their dogs through AKC. These dogs were NOT staff's!


  Some of the breeders went along with AKC to get the dogs recognized and so the name was changed from 'Pit bulls' .


   Others owners of these 'PIT BULLS' appealed to the United Kennel Club to help keep the name and thus they became registered as the American Pit Bull Terriers.


What do i think about the breed?  The 'PIT BULLS' are still around, in every town in america and those original PIT BULLS are NOT registered !!!!


Those that are registered are no longer the 'PIT BULLS' that i ever knew and two NEW breeds are coming up...


    The UKC Pits will get more uniformed and consistant in breeding as time goes by and the group sticks to their guns.. (hehe, no pun intended)...


    The AKC pits are interbreeding and will come out looking a lot like the staffs.



My opinions are given to help those who wish to purchase a pup of this breed.



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